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Carbon steel
Cold heading steel
Spring wires

Cold heading wire ring
Spring wire coil

Delivery program - Carbon Steel Wires, Cold Heading Steel, Spring Wires

We supplement our extensive portfolio of stainless steel wires with three additional wire types:

Carbon steel wires, Cold heading steel wires and Spring wires.

Carbon steel wires

Eisendraht Haupt

Specificationen: EN 10016-2 & EN 10027
Standard program: Ø 2,00 - 35,00 mm

Carbon steel wire product details

Carbon steels are unalloyed wires with a lower carbon content than 0,25%. They are drawn from non heat treated wire rod or annealed rod before, in between or after the drawing process.

Grades | Carbon steel


EN 10016-2: C7D C8D C9D, C60D C78D C86D

EN 10027: S235JR, S355J

Packagings | Carbon steel


production rings/press collars, crown rods, coils, rods, rosettes

Surfaces | Carbon steel


bright, light bright, wet bright, zinc plated, tinned, copper plated, bright / oiled

Shapes | Carbon steel


round, square, hexagonal, profile

Treatment conditions | Carbon steel


According to DIN EN 10263:

+U+AC (annealed (GKZ)), +U+C (cold-drawn (K)), +U+AC+C (GKZ + K), +U+C+AC (K + GKZ), +U+C+AC+LC (K + GKZ + K), +U+AC+C+AC+LC (GKZ + K + GKZ + K)

Delivery area | Carbon steel



Cold heading wire for upsetting and cold extrusion


Specificationen: DIN  EN  10263-2
Standard program: Ø 2,0 - 38 mm

Cold heading wire as ring

Our cold heading wires are very well suitable for cold upsetting and cold extrusion by a special choice of analysis and by adjusting specific mechanical and technological characteristics. The outstanding flowform ability can be achieved by a special heat treatment process (+U+AC-annealing) and a surface coating, which is specially aligned with the deformation stress (e.g. phosphating).

KS Werst

Grades | Cold heading wires

C 4 C, C 8 C, C 10 C, C 15 C | C 15E2C, C 35 EC, C 45 EC | 22 B 2, 23 B 2, 28 B 2, 33 B 2, 38 B 2 | 18 Mn B 4, 22 Mn B 4 | 16 Mn Cr 5, 16 Mn Cr S 5 | 32 Cr B 4, 36 Cr B 4 | 34 Cr 4, 37 Cr 4, 41 Cr 4, 41 Cr S 4 | 42 Cr Mo 4, 42 C r Mo S 4 | 16 Mn Cr 5, 16 Mn Cr S 5 | 34 Cr Ni Mo 6 | SAE 1018, SAE 1022 | according to ASTM - further grades on request

KS Aufmachung

Packaging | Cold heading wires

​manufacturing coils/compact bundles, spider carriers, spooled coils/eurocoils, bars

KS Oberfl

Surfaces | Cold heading wires

pickled/lime-coated, pickled, phosphate treated, polymer coated, bright, bright (soap coated)

KS Ausf

Shapes | Cold heading wires

round, square, hexagonal, profile, bright finish

KS Herst

Treatment conditions | Cold heading wires

According to DIN EN 10263:
+U (raw), +U+AC (annealed), +U+C (cold drawn), +U+AC+C (annealed + cold drawn), +U+C+AC (cold drawn + annealed), U+C+AC+LC, +U+AC+C+AC+LC

Delivery area | Cold heading wires

KS Liefer


Spring wires


​Specificationen: EN 10270-1
Standard program: Ø 0,20 - 12 mm

Stainless steel wires spring quality

Stainless steel spring wires are excellently suitable for the production of e.g. technical springs which have an exceptionally versatile field of application. Spring steel wires have the distinction of being, high elasticity limit, high elongation and constriction.

Spring wire as coil

Grades | Spring wires

WS Federstahl

SL, SM, SH 50 CrV 4, 51 CrV 4, 58 CrV 4 further grades on request

Packaging | Spring wires

Aufmachung Federstahl

manufacturing coils, spiders, spools

Surfaces | Spring wires

Oberfläche Federstahl

dark bright, galvanized, phosphated, bright

Shapes | Spring wires

Ausführung Federstahl


Treatment conditions | Spring wires

Herstellung Federstahl

drawn, drawn and patented, drawn and patented and redrawn

Our delivery area

Liefer Federstahl


If you are interested in our products, have any questions, or if you are looking for other stainless steel wires
please do not hesitate to contact us at *49 02263 / 9240-0 or via email at email

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