AGST Draht- und Biegetechnik GmbH

AGST company building

We are established on the market as a medium-sized service partner for more than 25 years. Our core business is the distribution of stainless steel wires.
For the supply of our customers, we have > 1.500 tons of the most common austenitic and ferritic stainless materials and dimensions available on stock. Additional storage capacities are present at the Hugger forwarder agency in Rottweil.
We are one of the largest independent distributors in Europe.

Our logistics processes, based on strategic purchasing alliances and a global network, ensure the optimal allocation of our customers' raw materials.

In addition, there are firm European partnerships in the area of low-carbon iron wires (bright, galvanized and copper-plated), cold heading and cold extrusion wires, which facilitates the service of our long-standing customers.

Company development

Stainless wires warehouse of AGST

Since 2002 we can sustain our goal to intensify the strategic relationship with our customers by the distribution of wire forming machines.
Between 2001 and 2004, our premise of 5.000 m² was doubled in several steps to 10.000 m² in order to ensure future long-term expansions of the companies headquarter. The premise will be further expanded in 2018 to meet current developments.
Since 2006, our processes are ISO 9001 certified. When selecting new partners we pay attention to appropriate quality assurance procedures.
In 2016 we started to manufacture bending parts in the range of 2-6 mm. This creates new opportunities to provide technical support for our customers at the utilization of wire products.

In May 2018 the construction of a third warehouse was commenced, which increased our storage capacity by about 1,000m².