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The company AGST Draht & Biegetechnik

Supplier of stainless steel wire and Europe's market leader for bendable stainless wire

AGST Draht & Biegetechnik is one of the leading independent suppliers of stainless steel wire in Europe. Established on the market since 1993 as a medium-sized service partner, we are now the market leader in the field of bendable stainless steel wire.

We keep all common stainless materials in various dimensions and packagings in stock to supply our customers. Distributed over three warehouses (including a modern high-bay warehouse), we stock approx. 2000 tonnes at our company headquarters in Engelskirchen. This includes various austenitic and ferritic materials in different thicknesses. Further storage capacities are available at locations in Central Germany and Eastern Germany. This enables us to execute orders often immediately and thus without long waiting times for the customer.

View of the stainless steel wire warehouse of AGST Draht & Biegetechnik, supplier of stainless steel wire.

On the basis of our strategic purchasing alliances and a global network, our logistics processes ensure the optimal allocation of our customers' primary materials. In addition, there are solid European partnerships in the field of low- carbon iron wire (bare, galvanized and copper-plated) as well as cold heading and cold extrusion wire, with which we serve our long-term customers.

Further business areas include the in-house production of bent wire parts and the sale of wire bending machines.

We present some milestones from our company history in our company chronicle .

Hochregallager des Edelstahldraht Lieferanten AGST Draht & Biegetechnik

Our wire delivery program at a glance


Available stainless steel wires

Stainless steel wire bendable : Ø 0.05 mm - 22.5 mm

Stainless spring steel wire : Ø 0.10 mm - 12 mm

all common materials

Stainless steel wire in stock

1.4301 / 1.4307 (AISI 304 / AISI 304L) : Ø 0.10 mm - 12 mm

1.4310 (AISI 302) : Ø 0.20 mm - 8 mm

1.4404 / 1.4571 (AISI 316L / AISI 316Ti) : Ø 1.5 mm - 10 mm

1.4841 / 1.4845 (AISI 314 / AISI 310S) : Ø 1.0 mm - 12 mm

Other wires from our delivery program

Cold heading and cold extrusion wires :  Ø 2 mm - 38 mm

Spring steel wires : Ø 0.20 mm - 12 mm

Carbon wires : Ø 2 mm - 35 mm

Product range of AGST Draht & Biegetechnik

Our delivery program for download

The Wire Bending Technology Division

In addition to the distribution of wires, the wire bending sector is an important part of the company. Since 2003, we have been a partner of the French machine manufacturer Groupe Numalliance and distribute wire forming machines for the German market. In our own production we manufacture 2D and 3D wire bending parts from stainless steel wire and iron wire.

Wire bending machine Robomac of the company Draht & Biegetechnik
Various delivery forms for stainless steel wire from AGST Draht & Biegetechnik
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Stainless steel wire warehouse of the supplier AGST Draht & Biegetechnik
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Stainless steel wire is stored in a high rack
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Wire bending parts from the production of AGST Draht & Biegetechnik
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