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Packaging for wires from our delivery program

Here we would like to introduce you to different packagings for the wire products from our delivery program. Common packagings, which we also regularly stock, include spooled coils / eurocoils, coils, spools and cardboard barrels. However, these are only examples of the different packagings that we can offer our customers.

If you have any questions about a specific packaging or require a different type of packaging, please contact our team.

Spooled coils / Eurocoils

​Spooled coils / Eurocoils
Spooled coil with cardboard core and stainless steel wire

A: Coil outer diameter (COD) - 800-900 mm
B: Coil inner diameter (CID) - 500-550 mm
C: Coil height (CH) - 500-800 mm

Spooled coil without cardboard core

Spooled coil on pallet with stainless steel wire

Spooled coil with cardboard core

Stainless steel wire as spooled coil with cardboard core on pallet

A = coil outer diameter (COD), B = coil inner diameter (CID), C: coil height (CH)



Coil with cardboard core on pallet

Coil on crown stand

Coil on pallet with cardboard core and stainless steel wire
Crown stand with stainless steel wire coil

A = ring outer diameter (ROD), B = ring inner diameter (RID), C = ring height (RH)


DIN spool with stainless steel wire
Spool with stainless steel wire

Overview of spools according to DIN

DIN spool overview

A = diameter of central bore
B = core diameter
C = flange diameter
D = angular height

The weight specification refers to the capacity of the respective coil

Cardboard barrels

Cardboard barrels

A = outside diameter

B = height

Cardboard barrel with stainless steel wire
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