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Wire products | Finished products made of wire

On this page we present various finished products made of wire. Stainless steel wire, weaving wire / brush wire, carbon steel wire, cold heading wire and spring steel wire allow the production of a wide range of wire products. We present the properties of the different wires on the respective product page in our wire programme. For stainless steel wires, we also offer data sheets of various materials from our product range.

If you have questions about a product, please contact our team.

Possible products

  • bending parts

  • threaded rods

  • displays

  • baskets

  • filters

  • nails

  • pins

  • cages

  • corrugated lattices

  • welded lattices

  • wire fences

  • reinforcement mesh

Possible products

  • screws and bolts

  • nuts

  • rivets

  • fasteners

  • couplings

Possible products

  • springs

  • bending parts

Weaving wires and brush wires

Possible products

  • brushes

  • ropes

  • cords

  • nettings

  • knitted mesh

  • ​filters

Possible products

  • all products named above as long as they have to be acid proof heat or corrosion resistant

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