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Stainless spring steel wire | Product range

Specification EN ISO 6931-1

​​​Standard program: Ø 0.10 mm - 12.00 mm

Stainless spring steel wire is characterised by a particularly high elastic limit with extremely favourable fatigue strength. Due to the high strength and tensile strength of the material, this stainless steel is ideal for the manufacture of technical springs and is regularly used in the automotive industry.

Stainless spring steel wire from our stock

AISI 302
AFNOR Z11CN17-08
BS 301S21
UNE F.3517
AISI 316
AFNOR Z7CND17-11-02
BS 316S31
UNE F.3534
AISI 316Ti
BS 320S31
UNE F.3535

We present other materials from our product range on the bendable stainless steel wire page. An overview of the dimensions that we regularly keep in stock can be found on our stock page.

Application range of stainless spring steel wire

Stainless spring steel wire is used for the production of a variety of different spring shapes. These include technical springs such as precision springs, contact springs and torsion springs. This stainless steel grade is also regularly used in the automotive industry, for example for the manufacture of tension springs or in the construction of prototypes and new developments. Axle springs, conical springs and compression springs are also produced from spring steel wire. The material is also suitable for the production of cylindrical and conical coil springs as well as torsion springs and spiral springs. High-strength bent parts, formed parts, spring washers or safety elements such as spring plugs are made from this wire.

Stainless spring steel wire is also used in various industrial sectors. These include mechanical engineering, the construction industry and the chemical industry. The corrosion-resistant material is also used in plant engineering, pressure vessel construction and shipbuilding. It is also used in the production of electrical components, in jewellery manufacturing and in the food industry.

Stainless spring steel wire tied as a ring and detailed view

Specifications of our stainless spring steel wire

Cardboard drums 200 - 300 kg, rings 50 - 1000 kg, straightened rods

Surface finishes
bright, polished bright, low-slip coated


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