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Stainless steel wire


Delivery Program - Bendable Stainless Steel Wire

Specification: EN 10088-3

Available from: Ø 0,03 mm - 27,50 mm


Standard range: Ø 0,10 mm - 16,00 mm


Our stainless steel is characterised by a portion of at least 10.5 % chrome, which must be loosened in the austenitic or ferritic mixed crystal.

The effect is based on the fact that by this high chrome portion a protecting and close passive layer made of Chromoxid is formed at the material surface. Further alloys like in particular nickel and molybdenum lead to an even better corrosion resistance or more favorable mechanical characteristics. Since chrome is generally cheaper than nickel, a higher chrome proportion is favored over the increase of the nickel content (subject to same corrosion resistance).

Possible areas of applications


plant construction, architecture, automotive industry, construction industry, tank construction, chemical industry, pressure vessel construction, oil industry, household appliance construction, aviation industry, mechanical engineering, food industry, petrochemical industry and more.

AISI Grades


grades austenitic steel
AISI 286, AISI 302, AISI 302 HQ, AISI 303, AISI 304, AISI 304 L, AISI 304 Cu, AISI 305, AISI 316, AISI 316L, AISI 316 Ti, AISI 316 LCu, AISI 321

grades ferritic steel
AISI 430, AISI 430 Nb, AISI 430 Ti, AISI 434, AISI 441

grades martensitic steel
AISI 410, AISI 420 A, AISI 420 F, AISI 420 C, AISI 430 F, AISI 431

grades duplex
AISI S32304, AISI 318 LN

grades heat resistant steel: (EN10095)
AISI 309 (ca.), AISI 310 S (ca.), AISI 314 (ca.)



manufacturing coils/ compact bundles, spider carriers, spooled coils/ eurocoils, drums, spools, bars, threaded bars



bright, bright shiny, fat free, epq-quality, bright, slightly oiled, soap coated, pickled-phosphated, pickled, condat© coated



round, square, hexagonal, octagonal on request

Treatment conditions


final annealed, semi hard drawn, hard drawn

Delivery area




If you are interested in stainless steel bars, please contact us our team

Further information

If you are interested in our products, have any questions, or if you are looking for other stainless steel wires

please do not hesitate to contact us at *49 02263 / 9240-0 or via email at info@agst.de

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