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Stainless steel wire assortment of AGST

Stainless steel wire bendable

Stainless Steel Wire | Delivery Program

Specification: EN 10088-3

Available from: Ø 0,03 mm - 27,50 mm


Standard range: Ø 0,10 mm - 16,00 mm

We are Europe's leading warehouse keeper and stockist for bendable stainless wires. We offer a wide selection of stainless steel wires including all common materials, dimensions and packagings. Various of these AISI grades are directly available from stock. An overview of our product portfolio is provided below.

Stainless steel wire is characterized by a content of at least 10.5% chromium, which must be dissolved in the austenitic or ferritic mixed crystal. The effect is based on the fact that this high chromium content creates a protective and dense passive layer of chromium oxide on the material's surface.

Other alloy components such as nickel and molybdenum / niobium in particular lead to an even better corrosion resistance or more favorable mechanical properties of the stainless steel wire. Since chromium is generally favorable to nickel as an alloying element, a higher proportion of chromium is preferred with a smaller proportion of nickel (assuming the same corrosion resistance).

Our stainless steel wire warehouses

In our wire warehouse in Engelskirchen we keep a permanent stock of over 1500 tons ready to supply our customers. In total we have 3,000 m² of storage space, including a modern high-bay warehouse and other external warehouses. We stock many of the common austenitic and ferritic stainless steel wire materials in various dimensions. Additional storage capacities are available at the Hugger forwarding company in Rottweil. This enables us to fulfill orders often directly from our inventory and thus without long waiting times for the customer. You can find more information at our company profile.

Possible areas of application for our wires


Stainless steel wire can be used for various industrial applications. These include mechanical engineering and plant construction, as well as the construction of containers, pressure vessels and household appliances. Other industries that use bendable stainless steel wire are the automotive industry and the chemical industry. It is also employed in the petroleum or petrochemical industry, as well as in the aviation and food industries. However, these are only a few of the many applications for which bendable stainless steel wire can be used.

Stainless steel wire materials from our delivery program


Austenitic steel

Ferritic steel

Martensitic steel


Heat-resistant steel (EN10095)



manufacturing coils/ compact bundles, spider carriers, spooled coils/ eurocoils, drums, spools, bars, threaded bars




bright, bright shiny, fat free, epq-quality, bright, slightly oiled, soap coated, pickled-phosphated, pickled, condat© coated



round, square, hexagonal, octagonal on request

Treatment conditions


final annealed, semi hard drawn, hard drawn

Delivery area




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