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Wire bending technology

In the sector of wire bending technology, we are the German partner of the internationally renowned manufacturer Numalliance.

In collaboration with our partner, we are your systems supplier of wire and strip forming machines. From bending and coiling technology up to cold extrusion technology, our possibilities are hardly limited!

Wire bending machine
Bending machine closeup

With Numalliance, one of the leading machine manufacturers, we offer CNC machines for wire forming with diameters from 1.00 mm to 16.00 mm.

Further processing steps such as upsetting, pressing, thread cutting and welding can of course be integrated.

Production of bent wire parts

An important part of the wire bending technology division is our in-house production of bent wire parts from stainless steel wire and iron wire. We give you a detailed insight into our production possibilities here .

Biegetechnik Drahtbiegeteile AGST

We offer wire bending machines in cooperation with the French manufacturer Numalliance for customers in Germany. You can find detailed information about the wire bending machines from our range and their possible applications here.

Wire bending machines products

Service information

In addition to position as your sales-partner, we offer extensive advice and services for wire bending machines. Additionally, we offer training, startup and maintenance, as well as comprehensive support. We welcome your questions and suggestions, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

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