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Stainless Steel AISI 305

Data sheet
DIN EN 10088-3
Grade AISI 305 / EN 1.4303

Grade AISI 305 / EN1.4303 is an austenitic stainless steel with good corrosion resistance due to the higher nickel content of 11-13 %. This stainless steel grade is excellently suitable for welding and cold upsetting and has no magnetisability.
Other processing options include cold forming and polishing.

AISI 305 Stainless Steel Data Sheet

Specification of AISI 305

EN-grade 1.4303
EN-short name X4CrNi18-12
EN-standard 10088-3
Microstructure austenite

Comparable standards and designations

AISI 305 / 308 *
BS 305S17 / 305S19 *
JIS SUS305 / SUS305J1 *

(* in accordance with)

Chemical composition of stainless steel 1.4303

≤ 0,06
≤ 1,00
≤ 2,00
≤ 0,045
≤ 0,03
≤ 0,10
17,0 - 19,0
11,0 - 13,0

Mass fraction in % according to DIN EN 10088-3

Physical properties

Magnetizability: No

Density (kg/dm³): 7,9

Thermal conductivity (up to 20°C): 15

Electronic resistance at room temperature (in Ω mm²/m): 0,73

Possible areas of application

automobile industry
chemical industry
construction industry
household appliance industry
vessel construction
and more

Heat treatment and hot forming

Solution heat treatment (cooling by air or water): 1000-1100 °C

Hot forming (cooling by air): 1200-900 °C


Grade 1.4303 can be applied for a variety of different welding processes such as arc welding or TIG welding. Please note, however, that this stainless steel grade is suitable only to a limited extent when employed for gas fusion welding and submerged arc welding.

Please note

The information given in this data sheet has been compiled to the best of our knowledge and is based on the current version of the relevant standard. It is considered for reference only and we assume no liability for any errors.

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