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Stainless Steel 1.4003 / UNS S40977

Data sheet
DIN EN 10088-3
Grade 1.4003

The material 1.4003 / UNS S40977 is a rust-resistant ferritic chromium steel, which has a comparatively high strength within the ferritic steels. The material has medium corrosion resistance and good weldability in the larger dimension ranges. Further properties of the material 1.4003 / UNS S40977 are its resistance to hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen. This ferritic stainless steel is also characterised by its good magnetisability. It is suitable for low temperatures, but can also be used up to 300°. The material 1.4003 / UNS S40977 is often used in the construction industry.

1.4003 S40977 Stainless steel Datasheet


EN material number: 1.4003
EN abbreviation: X2CrNi12
EN standard: 10088-3
Microstructure class: ferrite

Comparable standards and designations

AFNOR X2CrNi12 *

B.S.X2CrNi12 *

UNS S40977 *

(* in accordance with)

Chemical composition of stainless steel 1.4003

≤ 0,03
≤ 1,00
≤ 1,50
≤ 0,04
≤ 0,03
≤ 0,03
10,5 - 12,5
0,30 - 1,00

Mass fraction in % according to DIN EN 10088-3

Physical properties

Magnetizability: present

Density (kg/dm³): 7.7  

Thermal conductivity (at up to 20°C): 25

Electronic resistance at room temperature (in Ω mm²/m): 0.60

Possible areas of application

Agricultural technology
Automotive industry
Container construction
Construction industry
Container construction
Sugar industry
and more

Heat treatment and hot forming


Solution annealing 680-740 °C (cooling by air)
Hot forming 1150-800 °C (cooling by air)

The ferritic stainless steel 1.4003 / UNS S40977 has good welding properties in the larger dimensional ranges. It can be used with the common welding methods (with the exception of oxyacetylene welding). If a filler metal is required, 1.4316 or 1.4370 should be selected.

Please note

The information given in this data sheet has been compiled to the best of our knowledge and is based on the current version of the relevant standard. It is considered for reference only and we assume no liability for any errors.

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