Dear customers and business partners

Our team is still working for you. We would therefore like to inform you that our service is guaranteed despite the current corona pandemic and that we will deal with your concerns immediately.

You can still reach us by phone and email at any time.

In these difficult times, we wish you, above all, health and trust that we can emerge from the crisis stronger than before through partnership-based cooperation.


Welcome at the AGST Draht & Biegetechnik GmbH

We are one of:

Europe's leading suppliers for bendable stainless steel wires

We offer a wide selection of:

stainless steel wires

Bendable stainless steel wires

V2A and V4A

dimensions 0,08 - 24 mm

wide AISI grade range

various packagings

Stainless steel wires bendable_AGST.jpg
Stainless steel wires spring quality_AGS

Stainless steel wires - spring quality

V2A and V4A

dimensions 0,10 - 12 mm

various AISI grades

Other business segments

Bending parts stainless steel_AGST

Production and distribution of bending parts

Distribution of CNC machines
for wire forming

Shop-Stainless steel
Stainless steel wires | Bendable
Stainless steel wires | Spring quality
Other wires
Bending parts
Bending technology

Sales and delivery conditions

Data protection



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AGST Draht- und Biegetechnik GmbH

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