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AGST Draht & Biegetechnik GmbH complies with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for the following areas of application:

Sales and processing of stainless steels in rings and bars as well as distribution of cold-heading, iron and free-cutting steel wires.

Marketing of machines for metal forming as well as their repair, maintenance, assembly and instruction and training of machine operators.

ISO 9001 certificate of the company AGST

Alloy surcharges stainless steel

The alloy surcharge is a variable price component that is determined monthly and depends on the price fluctuations of the alloying elements essential for the respective material on the stock exchange. The surcharges calculated by us correspond to the uniform values for German suppliers.
If you have any questions regarding further values for materials not listed here or other types of design such as steel bars, etc., we will be pleased to provide you with information.

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